On a Tuesday morning, I had a meeting with my mentor. After the meeting, I realized that I need to be cognizant of my time as well as other’s time and start wearing my watch.  My watch has been tucked in my purse since August. I thought my watch was broken. 

Let’s rewind. Early that morning, I noticed myself being frustrated, upset, and irritated. Something was wrong with me. So, I prayed to God that God will speak to me or show me a sign. Instruct me so that I would not feel so anxious and that my life will be joyous. 

I went to a local jewelry repair shop to get my watch fixed. The owner said,”young lady! I just had to dust off your watch. It’s fine up and running.” She did not charge me anything.  

It was an affirmative answer. Yes, the power is within me. I just need to dust off and get back up. How do you overcome a stall? What hinders you from moving forward?

• Meditate

• Offer up

• Dust off and trust the magic of beginnings