Every summer, my daughters always look forward to creating a lemonade stand. This year, 2018, I signed them up for the Lemonade Day Louisville program, which teaches the kids value of hard work, entrepreneurship, and creativity.  

My kids hear me often saying, “we can’t afford that right now.” Yes, sometimes, the kids think that money grows on the tree. If having pricey/ extra items is one of their goals, I tell my daughters that they need to earn and work towards achieving them. And there is a blueprint for that. My daughters and I are very excited to ride these waves together. 

We are going to do it right from scretch.  




 (my kids’ very first lemonade stand in front of our house in 2015)



Here we are at the lemonade day Louisville kick-off 2018.





We can’t hide our excitement. We are super excited to meet other motivated, kid entrepreneurs who are willing toshare their journey with others.  

My daughters are taking one step closer to owning their lemonade stand.  

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it is FREE to sign up and ideal for youth organizations, churches, individuals for the fundraising causes. 

To sign up for the Lemonade Day Louisville, visit here 👇🏻