This is a photo of the house that Martin Luther King Jr grew up in. It is a representation of the American working-class back then. Martin Luther King Jr. was a pastor, activist, leader and civil rights icon. He changed our world for the better. 

in particular, MLK taught us about work. 



‘Whatever your life’s work is, do it well.’ 

-Martin Luther King Jr. 

The major problem of life is a learning how to handle the costly interruptions. The door that slams shut, the plan they got sidetracked, the marriage to fail. Or that lovely poem that didn’t get  written because someone knocked on the door. Unemployment is an interruption, in most of our lives. And interruptions are opportunities to pause, to think, to access where we really want to go with our lives.

 How can you be good at what you do? Begin by stripping yourself out of your past job titles. Tell yourself you are a unique person under several headings. You are a person, not a role. 

You are a person who is unusual in this or that. 

You are a  person who knows about  this or that. 

You are a person who has had experiences in...

you are a person who is skilled at doing this or that. 

Remember that you are a person, not a role.