Let me begin by thanking my secret Santa for proving me the leadership opportunity. I am a girl who came from a dark place.  

If you are from Louisville, Kentucky or just moved to Louisville, I encourage you to get involved in the Louisville leadership center. It is a nonprofit that provides resources and the leadership skills training to the C suits. It is an eye-opening experience.  

Through the Louisville Leadership Center, I’ve met passionate leaders. Dr. Marty Pollio, JCPS superintendent is one of them. He is a leader who believes that a good school is a collection of high achieving people, who work to meet the needs of students. 


After listening to him speak on the notion that we don’t identify school as good or bad. We need different perspectives to look at education. I had the opportunity to tour one of the failing schools in the district and talk with the principal, staff, and students.  This particular school (Olmsted Academy South, Louisville, Kentucky)I visited is a public all girls school equipped with 21st century skills through STEAM-based education. While I was there, I paid close attention to how school staff interact on a regular basis to create a positive culture climate that is suitable to diverse students. And this school does that. I came to conclude that this school will capture my kid’s imagination and nurture. With a great team of leaders and educators, my kids are in good hands. 

We need to care less about whether our children are academically gifted and more about whether sit with the lonely kid at lunch.  

Think differently  

Learn differently  

Teach differently  

Create greatness  

The evidences of all these above I mentions will be kept in a digital backpack that is a collection of evidence of success skill development.  

There are five pillars.  

Prepared & resilient learner

 1. Demonstrate knowledge of content skills and standards

2. Applies content knowledge to real world contexts and in interdisciplinary ways. 

3. Reflects on successes and challenges and makes appropriate adjustments in order to meet academic, personal and professional goals.  

4. Employs organizational and project management skills to achieve academic, personal and professional growth  

5. Sets personal goals for transition readiness, explores post-secondary options and takes actionable steps toward realizing both

Globally & Cultural Competent Citizen   

1. Explores community and global issues from the perspectives of those most impacted and creates actionable solutions  

2. Employs democratic processes to come to decisions and solutions  

3. Compassionate and empathetic toward others  

4. Promotes a sense of belonging for others  

5. Respects different cultures, perspectives and beliefs  

Emerging Innovators 

 1. Employs a sense of curiosity and inquiry; seeks to learn 

2. Asks questions to extend, challenge and clarify the thinking of self and others

3. Applies a design process (e.g. research, ideation, modeling, prototyping and testing) to create new solutions, products, and processes

4. Uses relevant information and feedback to continually improve solutions, products and processes

5. Takes appropriate risks, and makes adjustments based on successes and failures  

Effective Communicator 

1. Uses appropriate conventions and evidence to convey ideas clearly in writing, verbally, digitally and visually  

2. Adapts message to purpose and needs of the audience  

3. Uses discipline specific writing conventions, formats and vocabulary  to communicate ideas

4.  Uses technology effectively and responsibly 

Productive Collaborator 

1.  Works effectively with diverse groups to accomplish a common goal  

2.  Gives and receives meaningful feedback  

3. Assumes personal responsibility for team outcomes 

4. Actively listens to understand others’ ideas and perspectives

The best way to predict the future is to create it.