Before I talk with my client about his or her business adventures, I prepare myself to get into a mindset: “decide to be unique in a world of typical.”  

“Search for what truly is unique within yourself, and give that to the world in small portions each day. Decide to be unique in a world of typical.” 

-Matthew Kelly, The Culture Solution 

what makes your business unique? 

Here are some questions that help you analyze your business ideas with measurements. 

-First level

  • The importance of the problems that business idea will solve,
  • Your entrepreneurial skills to start that business idea,
  • Market Dimension and
  • Competition.

-Second level

Second level of uniqueness is what you will sell. How your products or services are different from the products and services of your competitors? Think about possible answers of this question and note all the differences. Additionally, think about how much is important that difference for your customers.

  • Which business to start?
  • What will be the subject of business, or what you will sell?
  • How you will sell the products?

-Third level

Third level of uniqueness of your business idea will be the ways you will sell. How you will sell? What you will offer to your customers? Think about answers on these questions. Many times entrepreneurs forget about this level of uniqueness of the businesses, even this is so important for the whole business. For example, you want to sell in your retail store and also to give possibilities for shipment to home. Furthermore, you can include internet selling or to accept phone orders. Each of these ways of doing sales can make your business unique.

How can I make your business unique choosing unique business idea?

  • Answer all the previously mentioned questions.
  • Note in the notebook all the answers.
  • Rethink again about questions and answers.
  • Choose all elements that you brainstorm with the previous steps to include in your unique business idea.
  • Implement that into the business and make it different and unique.