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Here’s how to get your dream work published in six steps:


#1  Remember, we are your friends.  We would like to know about you.  Tell us your name, age, location- anything else to help us to feel like your friend.

You must be nineteen or under to submit a pitch.

#2  Now the idea.  What are you passionate about?  Art, music, dance, theater, animation/films, creative writing, and travel.  Let us be into your world.

Consider the following questions as you brainstorm:


What does your artwork look like?

What is the subject matter?

What is the title of your work?

What elements or principles are most obvious in your work?

How did you create your art?

What tools, techniques, or processes did you use to create your artwork?

What/who inspired your artwork?

Does your work address a personal or social issue?  

What emotions did you try to show in your artwork?

What were your goals for this project?

Did this piece help you reach your goals?  Why or why not?

What did you learn in creating this artwork?  

How will this piece influence your future works?

How can we find you on social media?

So, your idea is complete.  Who do you email?

#3 Featured Art should focus on items such as: art processes, the culture that surrounds art and creators, art history, relevant galleries and exhibitions, and how art relates to teens on a personal and global level.


Formats accepted: illustrations, paintings,mixed-media, photography, digital media, small series, poetry,essays,videos,reviews,journalistic articles.

Do not send finalized pieces. All contributing work must start as a pitch.

For reference, we generally publish three different types of articles:

Mini pieces: ~200-400 words -- short reviews, cultural updates, poetry

Current events pieces: ~400-600 words-- analyses of ANY TYPE OF WORLD news

longform pieces: ~600-1000 words -- short stories, in-depth essays


#4  Mark your subject in your email to us with the word “pitch” somewhere and send away.

Refresh. Refresh again. Continue this process until you get a response - we’re a small team, but we’re pretty obsessed, so we should shoot back a response in the next 72 hours. Be ready for some friendly tweaking (after all, we are editors).

#5  Approval or modification. Editor responds and lets you know next steps. If they greenlight your pitch, don't forget to communicate, and get everything in by the deadline. Done!

#6  Got your pitch? Cool! Web team  will be eagerly waiting. Shoot an email at and they'll greenlight/modify the piece. Get it in by the deadline and you're all set!


ON THE OTHER HAND… Want to write for Humble Pineapple but a little unsure of what direction to head in? Our editors usually have some ideas of their own and are willing to share. Don’t be afraid to ask.